Simon Wheale

Simon Wheale was brought up in South Manchester, went to Chorlton Park School, Manchester Grammar and then onto the University of Manchester.

He started and wrote for music fanzine 'Printed Noises' which promoted Manchester bands and was sold in the USA and Japan whilst he was still at school.

When he was young Simon learnt to swim at Withington Baths, and more recently Simon has enjoyed getting stuck in with painting and cleaning to help the Love Withington Baths team restore their fantastic heritage building.

A City Councillor in South Manchester for 22 years, Simon is one of Manchester's most experienced campaigners and has a lengthy track record of getting things done, both in the ward and at the Town Hall. He was absolutely instrumental in ensuring the council's u-turn on closing Withington Baths with months of relentless campaigning, lobbying and petitions. From 2012-2014 Simon led the Liberal Democrat City Council group after winning his seat six times in a row.


Whilst representing Withington ward Simon worked with the Friends of Ladybird Park to deliver the outdoor gym and trim trail running route, still very well used by many local residents. He also worked closely with Withington Civic Society and the South East Fallowfield Residents' Group to persuade Manchester's Universities to appoint an Off-Campus Manager as a key point of contact for community issues in the area.

Simon has been a long standing School Governor at Mauldeth Road School and can regularly be seen helping the Ladybarn Community Guardians, South East Fallowfield Community Guardians and the Friends of Ladybarn Park and Kingswood Road Park with volunteering on clean ups and action days. Simon is Secretary of Ladybarn Community Centre and a member of Withington Civic Society.

Simon Wheale is your 2016 council candidate for Withington and offers a breath of fresh air to the complacent Labour one party state. 

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