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John Leech reassures residents in West Didsbury following arrest

We do not know the details of the arrest, and whilst incidents like this can be alarming and worrying for local residents, I want to send my reassurances that Didsbury, and Manchester, is an international, welcoming, open, tolerant, diverse and most importantly, safe city.

But if anyone has any information at all, please contact Greater Manchester Police immediately on 101.

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Leech calls for 'Ask for Angela' to be implemented in Manchester "as soon as is humanly possible"

  • MP of 10 years calls on council to implement the successfully trialled Ask for Angela scheme "as soon as is humanly possible"
  • Ask for Angela helps people in vulnerable situations in pubs and bars to get out quickly and safely.
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March Opposition Questions to Council

  • Cllr. John Leech, the city's sole opposition member, will ask five questions in Wednesday's full council meeting.
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Open Letter to Home Secretary Amber Rudd

Everyone in Manchester knows the name Robert Chilowa. And rightly so. Mr. Chilowa dashed to the scene of a ferocious blaze engulfing a neighbour's house after hearing screams of terror and rescued two young children from the flames that had already claimed the lives of their grandparents. Despite braving the devastating fire on Parsonage Road in Withington to save the two children from a second-floor window, rightly garnering national headlines, he has now been threatened with deportation by authorities.

Last week John Leech wrote to Home Secretary Amber Rudd to demand his residence in Withington is made permanent. On Sunday, he made it public. You can read it below, and if you agree, why not share it on social media? Together we can show Manchester to be the open, tolerant and welcoming city we know it is. 

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"Show some compassion!" - Leech pleads with Government to allow residence for local hero Robert Chilowa

  • Robert Chilowa saved the lives of two children just days before being informed he was to be deported.
  • Former Withington MP John Leech has demanded Chilowa's residence is made permanent.
  • Leech: "Deporting Mr. Chilowa would be an act of gross injustice, critically undermining our sense of humanity and our commitment to inclusion and tolerance."
  • Sign the open letter here:
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Foreign students contribute £970m to North West - new figures reveal

Overseas students generate £970m for the economy in North West England and support over 3,995 jobs, according to an analysis by Universities UK.

The Norths' universities attracted 35,850 students from outside the UK in 2014–15 alone, with overseas students in the region spending a total of £458m in addition to their direct university costs.

Former Manchester MP and Liberal Democrat Councillor John Leech commented: “These figures highlight the threat to Manchester’s economy posed by the Government's reckless plans to clamp down on international students.

"Overseas students make a huge contribution to our city, supporting jobs by spending millions of pounds on local businesses.

“If the Government was serious about boosting regional growth, they would be helping universities in Manchester attract more foreign students instead of obsessing over cutting numbers at all costs.

“Already the number of EU students choosing to study in the UK has fallen, showing how a hard Brexit would damage our universities and local economy.

“Manchester is a proud and international city, and only the Liberal Democrats will stand up against this narrow-minded approach for a Britain that is open, tolerant and united.”

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Leech is cut off as he rejects council's budget plan that hits poorest with 22% tax hike totalling more than £1m

  • Manchester Council approved a budget that saw council tax for the poorest essentially increase by more than 22%, totalling more than £1m a year.
  • Sole opposition member cut off after six minutes as Council Tax Support slashed to an all-time low.
  • Leech: "This is not an example of those with the broadest shoulders bearing the greatest burden."
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Metrolink's landmark second city crossing is stark reminder of what is at risk with Brexit, say Remain Campaigners

  • Metrolink's ‘big-bang’ expansion will come into operation this weekend as the new Second City Crossing opens on Sunday 26th February.
  • Prominent Remain campaigners have warned projects like this - funded by the EU - are at serious risk.
  • Mayoral candidate pledges to fight against Brexit "every step of the way."
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Student safety still huge concern as burglaries increase

  • Uni of Manchester has highest burglaries outside of London.
  • Report shows more than 800 burglaries in one year.
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Council's backtrack on Princess Road speed limit reduction is an "enormous betrayal of local people."

  • Council backtracks on promise to reduce speed limit on deathtrap road.
  • Only one out of six local councillors turned up to Executive meeting.
  • Leech: "People's lives are at risk, what more reason does this council need to reduce the speed limit?!"
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