John Leech

"Thunderingly offensive" Sunderland City Council campaign "takes Britain back 60 years"

Equal rights campaigner and MP of 10 years, John Leech has condemned a "thunderingly offensive" campaign from Sunderland City Council which "takes Britain back about 60 years."

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Labour councillor says only way to solve begging is to fine them

John Leech has hit back after a Labour Councillor has said the only way to tackle begging is to fine offenders.

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All 5 Labour MPs let Manchester down on Brexit again

John Leech has criticised Manchester’s local Labour MPs after all five failed to stand up for jobs in the city by refusing to back a crucial amendment defending Britain's place in the single market.

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John Leech is taking action against violence towards women and girls

John Leech has joined forces with names from around the world including Billie Piper and Benedict Cumberbatch to 'draw a line' against violence towards women and girls.

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John Leech responds to “callous” Government's backtracking on terror attack funds

Prime Minister Theresa May has reportedly said that the government will only pay 'reasonable' costs spent by Manchester in the wake of the terror attack on the city in May, not the full £17m.

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John Leech is sleeping on Manchester's streets tonight

Former Manchester MP John Leech is sleeping on the city's streets tonight in a campaign aiming to highlight the homeless crisis.

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