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Homophobic and transphobic bullying in Manchester schools doubles in just two years

Manchester high schools reported more than 600 incidents of homophobic and transphobic bullying since 2010. Incidents are rising dramatically and have doubled from 76 in 2012-13 to 160 in 2014-15 - but nearly half of schools refuse to disclose information.

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Almost every secondary school in Manchester either at or over capacity

Almost every secondary school in Manchester is either at capacity or over capacity, research by Liberal Democrat councillor, John Leech, has revealed.

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Crackdown on Youth Crime: "too devastating and too important" not to be top of the Government's agenda

Lib Dems call on Government to take youth crime seriously after more than 28,000 knife crimes in the UK last year alone - 3,500 in North West.  Lib Dems say we must be proactive rather than just reacting to aftermath. John Leech: "too devastating and too important for it not to be top of the G...

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Safe standing just 'months away' as leading campaigner throws weight behind new campaign

Safe Standing could be just months away as a leading campaigner has thrown his weight behind a new campaign. John Leech, who has revealed Safe Standing plans, has long argued in favour of railed seating at football matches, told the Liberal Democrat conference in Bournemouth today: "It is an ide...

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John Leech criticises Government for being "completely obsessed" with London after revealing DCMS employs just 14 people outside of London

DCMS only employs 14 people outside of London - despite the Government's repeated commitment to the North. In the North West DCMS employs just one. Leech: "Government is completely obsessed with London."

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Questions to Council July 2017

John Leech, the city's sole opposition member, will ask ten questions in Wednesday's full council meeting. John Leech will resubmit the questions that were cancelled in last month's meeting about the controversial closure of Ladybarn Community Centre. Full questions can be found below.

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